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Victor Guiza

Vic is an award winning Creative Development Designer with over 32 years of combined experience in Mobile App Development, Children’s Books, Advertising, Illustration, Design, Animation, Licensing and Toy development. Thrives in administrative, managerial, and creative positions.


Vic has received different awards for his work as a children book illustrator.

Jaime Cobain

The 54 characters of Jotería are listed in order with descriptions. Most of the descriptions come from Jaime Cobian, a researcher, educator and activist from Guadalajara who shares his findings with Jotería on Mexico’s Lesbian Gay and Trans population. Noticing a void on queer representation in conventional Mexican history, Jaime Cobian started his research in 1985 to find what kind of impact queer people have had on Mexico and what kind of impact Mexico has had on queer people. Jaime found evidence of the origin of several queer terms with interesting stories that need to be told and evidence to debunk some assumptions and urban legends. He also notes the year of the earliest record he found of terms such as Maricón, Machorra, and Muxe. More information can be found in the book “Los Jotos,” written by Jaime Cobian.

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