Joteria's Launch party




December 10th 2017 Joteria had its launch at The Port Bar in Downtown Oakland California. 

Art Saves Lives Gallery

My second art display was at Art Saves Lives Gallery in the Castro District of San Francisco in August 2017. This is me standing infront of my display. I set the images on the wall the same way you would see a table or board. 

Jotería' s PreLaunch Party

I had a pre-launch party June 2017 at The Port Bar in Oakland CA. The models of Joteria came along with friends to see the art for the first time. 

The Inspiration to Jotería

The inspiration to Jotería happened while I was hanging out with my mom in her kitchen when I found a bootleg version of El Catrin. At this point in my life, I was very comfortable with my sexuality and had support from everyone around me for who I was. I had already lived in Oakland where I was able to be part of a very vibrant LGBT community and worked in the Castro (the gay neighborhood) in San Francisco. It had also been years since I had played Loteria and thought, Que joto se ve! I wrote el Joto on the photo and put it on facebook. This happened March 29th, 2014. 


So, I had this funny idea right? Everyone I told, thought it was a great idea! I still didnt know what it was going to be called, or look like. In my head at this time it was more of a joke, a funny gag. In the summer of 2015, I lost my car, soon after my job, then found my self struggling to find work, sitting on a bus heading to a place where I didnt want to be. On that bus ride I stared putting pen to paper about what this project would be. It took over three years to become what it is today. A powerful learning tool where I my self have learned so much and am so happy to share Jotería with anyone who would like to know about it.