Después de 5 años, es hora de mejorar, ampliar el juego y enfocarse en algo nuevo

  • La Visibilidad
  • La Identidad
  • La Historia &
  • La Familia

After 5 years, its time to improve broaden the game and focus on something new

  • Visibility
  • Identity
  • History &
  • Family

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Hey!! Thank you so much. Me Encanta!! We're having so much fun. Also love the meaning for each card. Los Bugas, my friends are learning a lot from it. They love it. Muchas gracias. Honestly I'm so happy I ordered it because I loved that you really did your research for each card that you added in.

-Armando R. from Los Angeles, California

What a game! Very much enjoyed the fun new twist to our beloved Mexican bingo, as well as learning a lot more behind the different terms. Loved it so much I have to get another for a friend! Viva LA JOTERÍA!

-Perla Hodder from Escondido, California

I was so excited about the game Jotería I flew down to San Francisco to be apart of the launch event. Finally, we have something by and for our queer Latinx community.

-Ray Corona from Seattle, Washington